Information Technology

Information Technology
Information Technology is the application of computers and telecommunications equipment to store, retrieve, transmit and manipulate data. The Information Technology Directorate is the wing's office that is responsible for the web content management, internet security, and data management for Puerto Rico Wing. Information Technology Officers provide electronic communications and data resources in support of the region's effort in executing CAP's missions.
Functional Address:  CAP PRWG/IT

E-Mail Signature

National HQ has mandated a standardized email signature block. To present a professional and unified appearance and to promote CAP in an effective manner all CAP Email correspondence (even from your personal email address) should reflect the following guidance.

Connect Using Web Meetings

You can now use Meet by Google Hangouts.

Meet by Google Hangouts is a new HD video meeting feature available to everyone using their PRWG.US account.  

To host a web meeting go to  You will need to sign in with your CAP provided email account. This service is also available to you on any mobile device or tablet.  You can download the applications with the links provided below.  

To learn how to use this in a more effective way you head to the G Suite Learning Center.
Information Technology Staff

Director of Information Technology
Maj. George F. Santiago
 Master Rating

Assistant Director of Information Technology
1st Lt Miguel A. Castro
 Senior Rating

Cadet IT Officer

PRWG Help Desk
Help Desk Staff
Remote Help

Remote Help is a feature that allows one user, called a helper, to connect to another user’s desktop session on a remote computer. Once connected, the helper can view and optionally interact with the assisted person’s desktop.

Do not use this feature unless instructed by one of our IT staff.