The Personnel Directorate is charged the management and oversight of Personnel matters and records.
Functional Address:  CAP PRWG/DP

Duty Position Description

Personnel technicians are responsible for a basic familiarity with all CAP personnel directives and the organizational structure of CAP. They perform all duties related to processing unit personnel actions to include new membership applications, unit activations and deactivations, charter changes, assignments, reassignments, transfers, retirements, promotions, demotions, termination, actions, and awards and decorations. Establish and maintain up-to-date personnel files on individual members in coordination with the emergency services officer and the senior program officer. Ensure that all regulations, policy letters, and forms required to administer the unit's personnel programs are available. Research regulations to provide assistance and guidance to the unit commander and other staff members on all personnel matters as required.

Personnel Staff

Director of Personnel

Maj. Edmariliz Torres
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