Science Fair

Science Fair Competition
IMPORTANT!  Science Fair Participants must be registered to attend the Puerto Rico Wing Conference.   Conference Details


The goal for the science fair is to help further broaden and cultivate your interests in all the sciences. This 1st PRWG Cadet Science will take place at the during the 2018 Puerto Rico Wing Conference, at the Fort Buchanan Readiness Center Bldg 546, Guaynabo, PR.

To participate in the 1st PRWG Cadet Conference, you must register for the conference. Click here to register and select your package: Full Registration Cadet, including Banquet or Conference Only and Science Fair, Cadet. 

Every team must register to the PRWG Conference to be able to compete at the Cadet Science Fair.  Options for registration are package #3 or package #4.


A limit of three cadets comprised a team for a project, but one (1) Cadet must be assigned to present the project to the judges. Team projects can be in one of the following categories:

➢    Aerospace

➢    Behavioral and Social Science

➢    Biology

➢    Chemistry

➢    Computer Science

➢    Earth Science

➢    Engineering

➢    Mathematics

➢    Physics

➢    Product Testing

Your project should have an emphasis on using the scientific method, investigating by experimentation, and development of critical thinking skills. Furthermore, this project should provide you with an opportunity to demonstrate ingenuity in your category of choice and also provide you with a positive learning experience.

Holding to the Civil Air Patrol Core Values, your project must consist of your own research and conclusions. Your exhibition will be provided with a six (6) foot table for display. Please note that your team will need to furnish your own grounded electrical extension cord should your exhibit require one. Furthermore, displays must not cause harmful fumes, explosions, or spills. Safety would not approve!

You will also be required to receive your squadron commander's endorsement. You can register your team for the science fair by completing the form below.  If you have any questions, please direct them to

Exhibitor's Application Form

Complete all required sections of this form. Co-participants are not required to participate, however if you are working with others members, please list each one.